Najda Now - Projects

The NNI's Projects

The foundation is currently working on a range of relief projects as per the following:

1 - The Food Kit Project:

It is based on providing a range of basic and necessary food stuff, on monthly basis, to the needy families affected by the current situation.

2 - Orphan Sponsorship:

Tens of thousands of the people, killed in Syria during the events, were mostly parents who have left behind orphaned children deprived tender and decent life. The NNI attempts to provide them with monthly or annual disbursement to secure them on the long run.

3 - Family Sponsorship:

Many Syrian families lost their breadwinners during the events and other families have their bread earners seriously injured. The NNI interfered to secure assistance for these families on the long run with the necessary requirements to be able to withstand during these harsh conditions.

4 - Psychological Support:

The events in Syria and the destruction accompanied had a negative impact on the mind and psychic stability of many people, especially from the category of women and children. The NNI provides psychological support for them, thus alleviating their suffering and bad experiences with war and allowing them to build confidence in themselves to be able to overcome effects and consequences of those experiences.

5 - Medical Services Project:

The events in Syria have left hundreds of thousands of various injuries for whom the NNI is working to secure the immediate aid that saves their lives. The NNI is also working on securing surgeries and appropriate treatment for such cases, whether inside or outside the Syrian territories.

6 - Emergency Relief Project:

The developments of the Syrian events are unexpected and therefore the NNI is working to provide a stock of all kinds of financial support, food and medical services for immediate provisions and emergency plans for the areas that are being targeted and swept suddenly and unexpectedly.

7 - Relieve the Plight Project:

This approach is based on the principle of lump sum aid for some of the affected persons or families in need who do not have access to be supported by the NNI on the long run. The NNI also offers emergency medical aid and field hospitals in collaboration with local and international institutions and organizations in addition to drugs for chronic diseases of the needy persons.

7 - Relieve the Plight Project:

1.  Small developmental projects to support needy families affected over the long term to penetrate into the market.
2.  Developmental projects to support refugee families.
3.   Developmental projects to support the youth and school dropouts.
4.   Developmental projects for people with special needs.
5.   Developmental projects to psychological support for adults, children and adolescents with ailments resulting from natural disasters or wars.
6.   Center "Tomorrow is ours"