ITF Enhancing Human Security
Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve RS
From 1st January- November 31st 2016, our community centre Bokra Ilna (Tomorrow is Ours) in Shatila has been fully funded by ITF and the Slovenian Foreign Ministry. Thanks to their generous support more than 200 Syrian children have had the chance to learn, create and play in a safe place. Besides providing daily English, math and Arabic lessons for children who have not found places at local schools, our workshops and activities cover a wide range of subjects from educational and psychosocial support to drama, music, dance, sports, art and life skills. We have also made lots of outdoor field trips to the park and zoo. Some highlights from this year include a puppet-theatre workshop which proved popular for kids and adults alike. They received acting skills, puppet-making and story writing training before working on their own original performances for their peers. Funds from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia through ITF also made a contribution to a film making workshop where teenagers were trained in all aspects of film production. They then got the chance to write, direct and produce their own original short films which focused on their life stories. It was a unique experience for all involved and the three short films have so far been screened in cinemas in Beirut and London.