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Education alone can give them a future to protect them Let them express their feelings under the light Let's wear some new clothes, and a smile Water..everything back alive! Crayons draw their pain .. A warm dish under the rigors of the cold Letting the warmth into the camps

Who we are

The Syrian Humanitarian Relief and Development Institute Najda-Now was established to support the Syrian society in this overwhelming crisis it is facing from the developmental, health, and humanitarian aspects, so that it can come out of this crisis and start building a modern democratic civil state. see more...

What we do

The office of relief is currently distributing milk for all the Syrian Refugee children between newborns till the age of two years within the camp of Shatila. Distribution began on 6 March 2013 and is being continued to date.
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Latest News

Aldalhameh school

The start of the final stage in the processing of school Aldelhmah in the Bekaa Valley

Metro Al Madina

الحفلة كانت ختام المرحلة الأولى من ورشة عمل للموسيقلى تهدف للعمل على كورال للموسيقى العربية ضمن مركز بكرا إلنا. تدريب الكورال: أبريل سيترون - نسرين ناصر. مدة الورشة 3 أشهر . شارك في الحفلة كل من : مهند ناصر عود. نوبوكو يامازاكي. فلوت -ناي ياباني تم ضمن الحفل غناء موشحات عربية بصوت الاطفال . وموسيقى يابانية وعربية

The Killer Vaccine

The killer vaccine Death is surrounding Syrians everywhere and tightening its grip on them inside and outside their country, on land and in seas. Today, children of the north of Syria were hoping that the vaccine would protect them from Measles, but it turned into a lethal poison that destroyed their precious lives and tender bodies. Using corrupted vaccine is an enormous crime against our children. We, at NNI, invite all authorities to start a speeding and professional investigation to punish those responsible for this hideous crime, regardless of their positions and nationalities